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Online slot machine Pharaoh's ring

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The online slot of Pharaoh's Ring was created by Novomatic. If you play this slot on the internet, you can easily travel thousands of years when Egypt was one of the most powerful countries and frightened all enemies. Despite the fact that there are many games on the topic of antiquity, under which the Book of Ra slot machine is very popular, this slot machine is manufactured in a rather original manner. In the course of the game you have access to classic modes like a game to double, a bonus round and a jackpot game with maximum use.
Everything OK. We have prepared a detailed review of the pharaoh's ring slot to treat the most important aspects for the players: game functions, prices and percentage of refund, special functions. We hope that this information helps you decide between thousands of online slots and make the right choice. By the way offer All online casinos on the list generous bonuses. Choose one and play!

Pharaoh's ring at a glance

The ring slot of the pharaoh is therefore an exciting video slot. It was developed by NOVOMATIC whose software platform is now used by around 30 online casinos.
The game offers you five rolls, each of which contains three symbols. Among the rollers are traditional buttons for controlling the game. To select the number of active lines (from one to ten), you must find the label lines under which two buttons "+" and "-" are located. Each click on these buttons add an additional position or removed. Next, select the rate between a credit and nine. The use per line is set in the same way under the inscription insert / line. You can view the total amount of use in the field using insert. The default start button is used to start the turns.
If you do not want to waste time with frequently pressing the Start button, you can use the services of the Autostart option by starting the automatic game. Before starting the mode, set the required values in the insert / line and lines fields. After pressing the button, the rotations are executed one after the other until they stop them by pressing autostart again.
You can play both the demo version and for money and when entering into the casino you have to choose between real and free exercise mode.

The bonus function des slots Pharaoh's ring

The portfolio of NOVOMATIC contains many Good online casino slots. The Egyptian theme has long since become a gambling classic. The manufacturers have created a whole thematic series of slot machines dedicated to the secrets of ancient Egypt. The online slot machine Pharaoh`s Ring is one of them.
The design style reflects the name of the game and its topic completely and completely. Behind the game roles and function keys you can see part of the picture that represents the pyramids against the background of a sunset. At the top stands the landmark of the game. Ten symbols randomly appear to five rolls, four of whom are somehow associated with Egypt (Pharaoh, beetle, cat and ISIS). The remaining symbols are map symbols that are enough of ten and end with an ace. There is also a stray symbol - book. Each of the nine paylines is colored in a particular color. With a winning combination you start to flash. The characters themselves who have played will delight them with inconspicuous cheerful animations.
If you receive a fee-based combination (from two identical items or for some symbols from three), you can start the game to double by clicking the buttons with the active red and black suits. Next, a small window opens in which the amount of use (which corresponds to its previous profit), the potential profit (twice the amount of use) and five aces of various colors that have fallen last time. In the middle there is a card whose rear side changes from blue to red several times a second. On the pages are the inscriptions black and red. To achieve a doubling, you need to guess the color of the card color by clicking on the clubs and pik, if you believe you is black, or on the diamonds and hearts when you are red. With the correct choice, the size of the insert is doubled, otherwise you will lose your use and the game will be put back in standard mode immediately. After a successful selection, you can resume the game to double or retrieve the profits by clicking Start.
The game has a so-called "wild" symbol that can turn into one of the symbols that are currently not enough to win. To make the gameplay even funnier, there are also "scattered" symbols that can appear at any time on one of the rolls (even on the payline) and help gambler to win. It is also interesting that you can get several free spins in the game, which significantly increases your winning opportunities, including the gain of real money.

Slot machine Pharaoh's Ring: Conclusion

Novomatic's online slot will not only appeal to fans of the history of antiquity, but also all fans of spinning the roles. The artwork is pretty good, the same applies to musical accompaniment. The obvious advantages include an interesting gameplay and a small number of game symbols that offer increased chance of winning, as well as the payment of some combinations of even two identical elements, albeit with low payments.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP of Pharaoh's ring slot machine?
    The RTP This online slot is 95.16%.
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum use of Pharaohs ring slot machine?
    Minimal use is 0.02 € and maximum - 100 €.
  • 3️⃣ Is Pharaoh's ring slot machine available on mobile devices?
    Yes, the slot machine is available on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play Pharaohs Gold III slot machine for real money?
    On slot automatic scasinos you will find The best NOVOMATIC online casinosAmong the slot evaluation available for this slot machine. There are also slot machines for fun.