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Marco Polo online slot machine

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This article describes the online slot machine Marco Polo, namely: detailed properties of the slots, the conditions of the game, the advantages, disadvantages and much more. Marco Polo Slot is dedicated to the adventurer traveler Marco Polo, whose honors of this slot machine is called online. If you are an adventurer and like to earn money with adventures, you will like it.
The Marco Polo Slot is full of symbols and various secrets that make the game fascinating. And this adventure is not very expensive as it can start with only 1 coin per turn. And then you have the opportunity to use different bonuses in the form of free games and profit multipliers. Select on slot machineCasinos Safe Online Casino And they play!

Marco Polo Slot at a glance

As we have already mentioned, you have the opportunity to repeat this fascinating journey yourself with the Marco Polo Slot. Of course, many facts about Marco Polo are distorted or exaggerated, but no less fascinating. In this slot you have the opportunity to travel to China, to meet its ruler and get to know the path of the legendary glorious traveler.
Enjoy the game and spend your free time. If you want to play this slot machine for free and want a portion of adrenaline, he will certainly like them.

Gameplay & Features vom Slot Marco Polo

The provider of the Slot is the company Novomatic. The RTP by Marco Polo reaches 95%.
If we talk about the type of slot, the Marco Polo Slot belongs to the video slots. The game is quite saturated yourself, and the rules are not so complicated, so this online slot machine is well suited for beginners.
The structure of the slot, how many Novomatic games, is very classic, it has five rollers and nine lines, that is, it has 9 paylines.
Before you start with the game, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of the Slots, also special features will be described. Already after the introductory explanation, you can set the active lines and make a mission. The minimum insert is very low - only 1 coin, and the maximum is possible up to 1800. The insert can be varied from 0.09 to 9 by pressing the "One BET" key. If you need to reduce or accelerate the game, the company NOVOMATIC offers to set the automatic rotation of the drums. Combinations in the game are not particularly rare, they are usually formed from the first roller, and the number of symbols varies from 2 to 5. To trigger the line of winning combinations, at least 2 images must be displayed. And when it is playing cards, there should be at least 3 cards. The most important condition is the arrangement in the same series, starting with the first role. In order to get detailed information about your profits, you can use a special button with the name help.


A few facts that will help every newcomer:

  • The traveler Marco Polo is the Joker in this video slot, so he can replace other symbols. By the way, if you simultaneously drop 5 portraits from Marco Polo, you will be richer by 20,000 coins.
  • If you see a camel icon, it is a scatter icon that means you can get free games at about 3 of these camels.
  • If you like extremes, you will like the gambling feature with which you can double your profits in this slot. The task is quite simple - it's about predicting the color of the card.

For beginners, it is still worth mentioning that playing with money is quite dangerous from the beginning, as you can lose a lot of money through ignorance in the games. With the slot machine Marco Polo, players can experience a great holiday and thus benefit in the form of money gains. For beginners we advise against this Slot machines online for free To play, and then feel free to activate and revoke your account in the casino and play with pleasure.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP of the Marco Polo Slots?
    The payout ratio (RTP) in Marco Polo Video Slot is 95%.
  • 2️⃣ What are the minimum and maximum missions for the Marco Polo Online Slot?
    In fact, the minimum supply in the online slot machine Marco Polo is very small - only 1 coin, and the maximum reaches 1800, which allows you to enter the game absolutely everyone.
  • 3️⃣ Is the game Marco Polo available on your mobile phone?
    For those who, above all, do not like online format or do not always have access to a computer, the provider Novomatic offers another optimal way. You have the option to play the game Marco Polo on your phone if you have an iOS or Android operating system. Play when and where you want.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play the slot machine Marco Polo for real money?
    You can use the website and any mobile device with iOS or Android operating system into the world of this casino to dive into real money. On slot automatic scasinos you will find a wide range of serious online casinos, where you can play for real money.