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Online Slot Machine Pharaohs Gold III

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The mystical secrets of ancient Egypt were and are one of the most attractive secrets of humanity. How did the pharaohs, the children of the highest sun god, how many secrets are hidden in their last weighing - the majestic pyramids? The fascinating game Pharaoh's Gold III by Novomatic BTD opens the veil of secrecy on the Internet. After starting the online slots, players get a great opportunity to take an exciting journey without leaving their familiar home environment. Choose your Best casino online and play them.

Pharaohs Gold III at a glance

Winning combinations in Pharaohs Gold III are to be collected on 5 rollers and 9 linen. Each of the columns are adopted by 1 to 100 tokens. Payments are credited for each combination of two or more identical symbols from the first left role.
Pharaoh's Gold III video slot offers classic combinations, icons with advanced functionality, payouts due to increased multipliers, free starts and a doubling mode. Despite the lack of bonus levels and the recovery of a progressive jackpot, the slot retains a leading position on the global gambling market.
The game pleases with a good internal jackpot of 9,000 coins. You can play both the demo version and for money and when entering into the casino you have to choose between real and free exercise mode.

Bonus feature des online slots Pharaohs Gold III

The visual design of the slot is well thought out to the smallest detail. The main stem is determined by the game background: Behind the rotating rollers you can distinguish gold columns and arched vaults, a tempting entrance to the secret space of the pyramid, in which all surfaces light up with golden reflections and tighten the eye with patterns of mysterious hieroglyphs.
The drums themselves consist of papyrus rolls with runes and drawings. The rollers display information about the user's account balance, the number of active lines and the amount of the current deposit.
The control panel at the bottom of the screen is typical of most Money Money Automatic Pile From Novomatic.
Playing elements perfectly underline the general theme and give the slot a special charm. Fans of games for fun must collect winning chains with the following symbols: a pyramid and the majestic sphinx, a graceful black cat, a hissing cobra, a sacred scarab and traditional map designations in the form of old hieroglyphs.
Elements with an extended selection of options in Pharaoh's Gold III from Novomatic BTD:

  • Wild. A wild symbol is the image of the main character - the pharaoh. The Egyptian ruler helps collect money chains and is the most expensive symbol of the game. When five identical symbols are displayed, the Gambler wins the slot's jackpot in the amount of 9,000 coins. But even with a smaller number of symbols, all combinations with a wild with a double coefficient are paid.
  • Scatter. The scatter symbol is the eye of the Horus symbol. The symbol is paid independently where it is displayed, and it multiplies the profit obtained. Depending on the number of scattering, the current use can be multiplied by 2-, 5, 20 or 500 times. Three or more stray symbols release a series of free plays. The user can enjoy 15 free spells with a fixed rate and triple winning opportunities. The number of price starts can be increased by collecting a new combination of three identical hieroglyphs.

In this slot, you can increase your profits in the game at any time. The duplication round is made in a standard format that is typical for most NOVOMATIC BTD products. In order to achieve a profit in the increased chances of winning, it is sufficient to specify the color of the hidden card correctly.


Pharaos Gold III is an amazing realistic world of magic and old secrets. From the first moments of the start, the game impresses with its atmosphere. With the slot you can try the role of a bold adventurer and penetrate into the old secrets of pharaohs and have countless treasures.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP of Pharaohs Gold III slot machine?
    The percentage of RTP payments is set to 95.1%.
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum use of Pharaohs Gold III slot machine?
    Minimal use is 0.01 € and maximum - 10 €.
  • 3️⃣ Is Pharaohs Gold III slot machine available on mobile devices?
    Yes, this slot machine is available on mobile devices with Android or IOS.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play Pharaohs Gold III slot machine for real money?
    Under the evaluation of the slot machines you will find a list of recommended casinos, u. A. New Novomatic Casinosto play with real money.