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Best online casinos with EPS transfers

Lvbet Welcome bonus €1000 + 1000 FS
KaiserSlots Welcome bonus up to € 10 + 10 FS
Play Club Welcome bonus €200 + 100 FS
Platinum Play Welcome bonus €800
Royal Vegas Welcome bonus €1200
Cellar Welcome bonus €300
karamba Welcome bonus €200 + 100FS
777 Casino Welcome bonus €1500 + 77 FS
Slotty Vegas Welcome bonus €500 + 50 FS
Cashpot Welcome bonus €1000
All Slots Welcome bonus €1500
888 Casino Welcome bonus €140
Omni Slots Welcome bonus €300
Parklane Welcome bonus €2000
William Hill Welcome bonus €300
Euro Palace Welcome bonus €500 + 100 FS
NextCasino Welcome bonus €200
bwin Casino Welcome bonus €200
Name Welcome bonus 100% Cashback from up to € 200
Alf Casino Welcome bonus €500 + 200 FS
Luck Welcome bonus €50 + 50 FS
1xbet Welcome bonus €100
Europe Welcome bonus €2400

How does the transfer system EPS work?

The future of the online casino industry is heavily influenced by the banking and payment systems that help facilitate payments and withdrawals. If the players have the opportunity to finance their online casino accounts over the Internet and mobile banking, this is an additional advantage for these customers. The requirements of the online gambling industry have produced various methods of financing online casinos and the payment of online credit balances. Company and software developers have concluded partnerships with banks to offer customers and online casinos better payment methods.

One of the companies that have contributed to the development of electronic payments is Stuzzza, a company-based companywhich is known for the development of e-payments standard or simply EPS. EPS is a joint project of around 25 banks in Australia together with the Australian Government, the Chief Information Office and the Australian Ministry of Finance. Casinos with EPS transfers allow customers and e-commerce sites, including online casinos, fast and secure payments.

How does an eps casino work? The technology has caused so many changes in the way we do business and how we make our daily life. Advances and technological innovations have helped to improve the payment processing to offer e-commerce customers, including those playing in online casinos with EPS, a better experience. Even more and more encouraged companies try to make changes to their existing products and platforms to adapt to the changing times and needs of consumers.

The best of this deposit option is that you have to set up absolutely nothing because everyone can use this payment option without having to create an account. This makes it a very convenient way for everyone in Australia to pay money to his online casino account. If you want to use this bank method for a deposit, please check the payout options before you run the payment. In this way, make sure that you can definitely withdraw profits with a method that you are familiar with.

How can you do deposits in online casino? How do you do a deposit with this option? Well, the process is incredibly easy, which means that everyone can charge his online casino account in just a few seconds. The first thing you need to do is to go to your online casino and open the bank area before selecting the appropriate option from the list of different methods. You will then be prompted to select a bank, and you need to select the institution where you have an account.

Once you have selected your bank, you will automatically be forwarded to your online banking. If you are there, you must log in before confirming that the transaction is to be executed. At this point, you will automatically return to the casino website and the process is completed. This means that you should find the money waiting for you in your online casino account. You can then immediately enjoy EPS Casino games and online slot machines.

How can you withdraw money with this option? This is not a bank option that allows you to withdraw money. Only deposits are supported. This means that all players who deposit with this method must select an alternative payout option. As a rule, many different options are open, including credit / debit cards and e-wallets.

Bonus in Online Casinos Mit EPS

The most important EPS bonus types of online casinos are:

  • Deposit or welcome bonus. This is a one-time reward offered by the online EPS casinos to win new customers. The bonus is granted only for the first-time cash deposit in the registration. Technically, he multiplies the funds paid by them according to the announced rate. For example, a first deposit of $ 200 in 600 game dollars transforms with the use of the 200% welcome bonus. In order to compete with the rivals, online casinos often introduce sky-high welcome bonuses that even go beyond 200%, so they look for such bonuses if they want to increase their bankroll dramatically.
  • Recommendations. This is a very common way of rewarding, which is nothing else than a direct exchange of money for the new customers that bring you into an online EPS Casino. The only thing you need to know is that such bonuses will only be activated when the interested parties they bring into the casino conclude registration and make a cash deposit.
  • Bonus without deposit. As can be seen from the name, these bonuses do not require any cash deposits from them. This type of bonus is completely unpredictable as they can be offered in different forms and at different occasions. The zero deposit bonus can be either playing money or a number of free spins or roles. If these are occasions, these bonuses can aim to celebrate relevant milestones or even be granted on a completely random basis. It is different for every online EPS Casino, so check it when you are there.

On our website you will find the Latest online casinosAccept the EPS and offer cheap bonuses.


EPS is no problem in mobile casinos. You can also recharge your account via online EPS casinos. This is especially sure if you have a TAN in paper form.
If you use this option, you should go around a little. When TAN is transferred to a mobile device, a small circumvention may be required to use Casino EPS - for example by using a virtual mobile phone number. For security reasons, many banks do not allow the TAN to be sent to the mobile phone by SMS from which they were requested.
A great online casino in which you can use EPS with an application is the Playclub Casino. Here you can also receive a welcome bonus of up to 450 € + 100 free spins.

Advantages of EPS

The biggest advantage is the security. This deposit method is considered by Australian casino players as one of the safest. Why? Well, it's the fact that you never need to enter your bank details in an online casino, as casinos with EPS transfers acts as intermediaries in the transaction. Many people are still concerned to provide their bank data online, and this payment method helps to overcome these fears. If you create, win, you have to pay off in a different way. This can mean that you tell your bank details to the casino concerned.

You will also find that this bank option is offered in a variety of different casinos and supported by most major banks in Australia. The fact that you see this method at many locations means that you can pay with EPS in the casino - something that many find when you try to keep your expenses in the eye in mind.

There is also the fact why online casinos with EPS is particularly practical. In contrast to other payment methods, including e-wallets, you never have to register an account with this company. Instead, everyone can use immediately without registering something. We all know that the registration of an account can be a time-consuming and annoying process. Therefore, many are happy that they do not have to do so if they use this deposit option!

Finally, they will find that the fees for using this EPS Casino are incredibly low, so they are pretty much affordable. You pay a fee of 1.3% for each transaction, a lump sum fee of € 0.20 per transaction. For example, if you pay 10 € to a gambling page with this method, you pay a total of € 0.33 to fees, which is more than appropriate. Of course, some would say that the cost of every kind must be a disadvantage, but we think that increased security makes the small fee more than value.

EPS disadvantages

EPS is a very practical payment method, which has some disadvantages:

Availability in certain countries:

One of the biggest disadvantages of using EPS is that the service is only available for people resident in Australia. This country restriction means that you can not use EPS as a payment method if you are based in the US, as EPS works only with banks based in Australia.


The fact that you have to enter personal bank data increases the risk of fraudulent activities. Although EPS does not pass on its data to third parties, it is still viewed by some people as a potential threat when it comes to their personal data and bank details.

Payments not allowed

Another disadvantage of EPS casinos for online players is the fact that they can not be used in some online casinos for taking off funds. Even if you are entitled to pay money with EPS, you may need to search for another payout option to redeem your profits.

Alternatives of EPS

The chances that an online casino does not offer the EPS payment method is low until not. In the event that this happens, however, you have many alternative payment options.

  • Giropay. In fact, Giropay is one of the most widely used platforms for online payments and deposits in the Australian casinos. Although it is predominantly used by Australian players, statistics show that Giropay also wins popularity in the Netherlands and Austria. Many people have the convenience of handling their bank transactions from home from home. The means of payment is a product of limited liability company and is based on the process PIN and TAN. The use of Giropay eliminates the need to use credit cards.
  • Instant bank transfer. Immediately is a relatively new money transfer provider. It was founded in 2005 in Gauting near Munich. With more than 3 million transactions per month, it is the leading Australian company in this area. Sofortüberweisung can be used for the purchase of physical goods and online payments. Immediately a good network has built up with other financial institutions that enables him to expand and operate internationally. At the moment you can operate more than 25,000 dealers. Among them you will find many online casinos. Register when immediately and connect it to your bank account. It is not an e-wallet, it behaves as a way like an electronic card. The best comparison is a VISA Electron Card.


If you would like to play your favorite online casino games, EPS is a good option as this payment method is extremely user-friendly. EPS is available exclusively to Australian inhabitants, so it is not a good option for those who live elsewhere. The good news is that there are similar services in the market that you can use, such as Citadel, Entercash, Immediately and Poli Payments. If you have access to this service, it is definitely worth it to try it.

EPS is a very safe payment method. Each deposit processed by an online casino with EPS is absolutely safe. In addition, the company does not give customers' personal data to third parties. Therefore, your right name, your credit card number, your address, your phone number and other confidential information will never be endangered. The gambling provider receives the feedback after completion of the EPS transfer that the deposit is done.

Modern online casinos with EPS also have no security issues. Gambling sites use SSL encryption to protect their users. Reliable websites never give their sensitive information to third parties. You should worry about your confidentiality if you play in a trusted online casino with EPS. If you do not know that casinos accept this, do not worry - we have the Best casinos online Listed, where you can make a deposit via EPS.


  • 💸 Is the EPS transfer sure?
    As already mentioned, each transaction that is handled by EPS is 100% secure. Payments are anonymous, so that your identity is never endangered.
  • 💸 Do you need to open a separate account for payments with EPS in online casinos?
    No, you should not. EPS customers do not need to have a separate account. EPS is merely an interface between the bank and the service provider.
  • 💸 Can profits be paid out with EPS?
    No. As well as Klarna immediately and Giropay, EPS has no direct option for the payment. Normally, customers who have deposited with these options will receive payouts by bank account.
  • 💸 Are there some fees for EPS transfers?
    There are no charges for the deposit with EPS. If these transactions cause costs, they are all paid by the dealer. The only possible fees will be charged by your bank.
  • 💸 Which deposit limits exist with EPS?
    The limits are specified individually by any online casino. The customers should therefore best ask when support when it is not shown obviously. Payments are unfortunately not possible with EPS.