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Online Slot Machine Hot Chance

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There are two types of slot machines players: those who enjoy online slot machines based on the retro classics, and those who prefer something new. Now, if you happen to belong to the 1st group, then this online video slot machine from Novomatic will determine your taste with the title "Hot Chance". Do not worry, it's anything but boring, as you could expect from an old-fashioned slot machine.

On the contrary, it is very entertaining and offers players some great opportunities to achieve winning combinations! If that's enough to interest you, then read definitely our entire evaluation of the slot machine below!

Slot machine Hot chance in the test & experiences

Just like most slot machines from then at that time Hot Chance of Novomatic has only 3 rollers and 3 symbol series, and we should not forget to mention the 5 paylines, which is more than the most slot machines of the time had at that time! In addition, these paylines are not set, i. You can play as little or so many lines as you like.

To set the number of paylines of your choice as well as your mission, you must click on the "menu" button, which you will find above the "spin" button (as you will find, there is no control buttons below the rollers). The lowest game costs, provided you have enabled all 5 paylines, are just € 0.10, while the maximum bets are 100 €.

This Novomatic slot machine is rather simple, and you should expect unusual backgrounds in this case. The symbols are the typical lemons, cherries, plums and oranges. Then there are other symbols that are also your normal retro slot symbols, such as stars, 7s, bars and an X. And whenever there is a nice winning combination, catch these symbols (hence the name of the slots "hot Chance")!

There are no signs of a game or scatter on the rolling, which is a pity, but we did not really expect which to see. Of course, there are cases in which the provider has decided to add some new features to his retro-themed slots, but this is none of these examples. However, it offers a special feature that can bring some big profits.

Gameplay & Bonus-Features von Hot Chance

Let's talk about the hot chance bonus feature that can be triggered when you end up any 9er combination. This can certainly mean that you can win up to 400,000 coins! In addition, you may even double this high amount with the help of the bonus wheel in this slot machine may even double! The biggest profit to which you can hope is not less than 3,200,000 coins, and this price is reserved for the bravest and happiest.

The gambling does not have to end here, because there is also the gamble feature to observe. It appears after a profit combination, and they are not forced to assume it if they do not feel like it. In the event that you accept it, you should set yourself on the usual task to predict the color of the playing card: red or black. If you guess correctly, your profit will doubles, and you even get even more chances to double it up! However, a false goal means that they have to adopt themselves from the same profit.

Finally, we can still recommend to ensure a quick eye on the payout table of the game. Because it is filled with useful information about the slot machines, e.g. How much the profit combinations would pay or work like any bonus games.


If you're crazy about a slot machine or slot, which always offers huge outlook per spin, then Hot chance is probably nothing for you. However, if you are looking for simplicity and some action with nice prospects, then you should try this slot machine. The maximum gain that you can achieve at Hot Chance is 150 times your mission for a combination of seven, while a full screen with fruits in the bonus game will reward you with more than 300 times your mission.

You know best if such Old School games are your thing or not, and if, then there is no better alternative. Even if, as already mentioned, some of the usual special symbols and features are missing, to which most of us have become accustomed to us, it can still be quite profitable! Good luck!


  • 🎰 What is the RTP at Hot Chance?
    As with such a classic game to expect, the RTP is 95.17% at usual.
  • 🎰 What is the minimum use and maximum use?
    The minimum number of coins you can use are 2 and the maximum is huge 2,000.
  • 🎰 is hot chance available on the phone?
    Hot chance is available on any mobile device you want.
  • 🎰 Where can I chance to play a real money?
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