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Players who like to play at slot machines with a mythical theme and high payouts were good to give Gryphon's gold a spin. This very entertaining game presented by Novomatic has five rolls and ten paylines and chance to win 900 times your mission.

This Fantasy Slot Machine game features five rolls and ten paylines. With missions between 40p and £ 50, players offer the opportunity to win big profits, especially when they land on wilderness or trigger the free-playing feature, in which they receive not only 30 free spins, but also a 3-fold multiplier.

Gryphon's Gold: Overview & Experience

Visually, this game is leaning against the popular land-based game, which was inspired. This means that there is not a lot of frills and the symbols a little traditionally. However, this simplicity means that it can be done well on multiple platforms, including desktop, cell phone and tablet, and that it can be played in a number of online casinos, including Slots Temple.

The graphic in the game corresponds to what the players of Novomatic are used to, because it is simple and not necessarily something you can write home. But they do not direct the players from the most important part of the slot machines: the placement of betting and - hopefully - the big profit.

The volatility of a game represents the risk level one player when he plays a game. The lower volatility, the greater the likelihood that you win, but these winnings are probably less, i. You can have difficulty making money.

Games with higher volatility include a higher level of risk, and a player will see less profits, but these profits will generally be greater. Gryphon's Gold is very volatile, with big profits thanks to the 3-fold multiplier and the wild game appeared (which is paid up to 900 times of their deployment) from the function for free games.

Slot type of Gryphon's Gold

Gryphon's gold has five rollers and ten paylines. The biggest gains in this game come with the highest assignments, so that it is potentially worthwhile to take a risk when it comes to determining their use; However, remember to always set as much as you can afford to lose.

It comes from Novomatic to convey the players an idea of how regularly they will probably see a cash prize. He does not reflect the height of these cash prizes or how much a player will win or lose when he plays the game.

Developer of Gryphon's Gold

With Novomatics Gryphon's Gold, the player travels into a mythical country with castles, a princess, have ancient men, fly mushrooms, unicorns and - of course - the grasping, a beings half lion, half eagle.

Functions of Gryphon's Gold at a glance

How to win the Gryphon's gold slot machines
Thanks to the game, the odds of winning, if only two of certain symbols (including 9, the unicorn, the princess and the griffin) appear on a payline, the players can quickly see a return on their assignments. The profits rise when more than 3 symbols appear on a single payline - which brings the 10, J, Q, K, A and flying mushroom and castle into play.

Most players hope to see five princesses or grabs that pay the 750 times or 900 times their mission, or to see at least two forest symbols on these rolls. The forest symbol activates a scatter game where your use is multiplied by up to 500, depending on how many you have. They are also available for three or more living trees 15 free spins and the chance of 3x multipliers.

Bonus functions of Gryphon's Gold

Gryphon's Gold Deluxe does not offer as many bonus functions as some other online slots on the market, but those who have it can lead to their great profit. Free rounds are activated by the three or more forest trees that appear on the rolls somewhere. You get 15 free spells when they appear, and threefold their profit.

A nice additional bonus for those who like to take a risk and want to win big is the gambling function. Here you will be presented a concealed game card after you have won. You have the choice to collect your profit or play if the card is either red or even black when it is turned over. If you make the right choice, double your profit. Gambler should definitely try the exercise mode for free for fun!


Although this game is traditional than other mythical games out there, as it is based on the land-based version, but it still is fun to play with many odds and, if you make a use at the top, gain big. The graphics are easy, which makes it a good game that can be played online and on mobile devices, as the danger that it is hanging or slow loading is low. It also means that for those who are new in the game is not so much going on that they feel overwhelmed, while more experienced players feel like being in a casino rather than in front of their computer.


  • 🎰 What is the Gryphon's Gold Slot RTP?
    GRYPHONS GOLD DELUXE has a payout ratio (RTP) from 95.13 to 97.1%. This is the amount that the game is paid for every € 100 of the placed bets.
  • 🎰 What is a min and max use at Gryphon's Gold Slot?
    Players place their bets per line, whereby the inserts start at 40 cents per line and the maximum mission is € 50.
  • 🎰 Is Gryphon's Gold Slot available on the mobile phone?
    Yes, you can also try this slot on mobile devices.
  • 🎰 Where can I play Gryphon's Gold Slot about real money?
    On this page you will find many secure online casinos.