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Online Slot Machine Fruits'n Royals

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The most fruity royal family is ready to hand over the Kronjuwelen to a happy player of the timeless 10-amino slot machine Fruits' N Royals of Novomatic!

The slot machine housing has a standard old generation look, whereby the graphics for the slot machine symbols were stored. On the rollers you will find classic fruits such as oranges, lemons, plums and cherries as well as a star and other royal symbols like a crown, the king and the queen! Overall, the graphics of the game is easy, the sounds are classic and the game easy to play what it makes for many players to a good game!

Fruits'n Royals: Overview & Experience

Fruits'n Royal Slot Machine offers 10 paylines and 5 rolls, with special bonus bets and many profit options. The player can decide to turn to five or more paylines. Winning combinations begin with the alignment of 3 same symbols. The star symbol is the scattering that can appear in each slot machine position as long as three are visible.

The slot machine offers the possibility to double the profits by dialing the option red and black. The maximum bet is 5 thousand euros.

Gameplay & Features von Fruits’n Royals

In order to be able to play this great presentation, it is useful to understand the game principle, the symbols used and the potential profits in the case of games. Just like other classic obstayomatoes, lovers can rely on oranges, cherries, plums and lemons. The list becomes more and longer, with the uptake of the king and the queen and other insignia representing an estimated family, like the crown and there is even a star. To win and enjoy this presentation, you have to take at least 3 similar items in hand.

The middle payment symbols of Fruits' n Royals online are plums, oranges and lemons. If it succeeds in getting 5 lemons or plums, the system rewards him with 800 coins. The reward can vary if only three objects are achieved, such as 3 lemons or plums. Queen of the Nile poker machine. If this is not enough, an understanding of the highly paid items must be created. Here is a list of possible payouts that can be achieved with the premium characters:

  • 5 scatters. The star acts as a scatter for this video presentation, and if you get 5 of them, there are 1,000 coins. He also takes over the role of the Joker, which can replace other symbols in the game to achieve profit combinations;
  • 5 kings or queens. A royal topic is never completely without the gentlemen of the house - the king and the queen. Get 5 in the winning combination, and the system awards 2,000 coins;
  • 5 crowns. This is the ultimate combination that everyone should be aimed when it turns the roles. When they are stubborn enough, 5 crowns that appear on the roles offer 20,000 coins;
  • Double your money. If these bonuses are not enough to build your bankroll, you can always count on this gambling action. Here a person receives the chance to double their money and increase their profits. The gameplay for this bonus mode is simple - just guess the right color, and if it is correct, the money will be doubled. If not, the person goes away without your price and your money.

With his sweet presentation and the exciting game mode, you will definitely check this regularly. The betting insert starts at 0.01, which can go up to 1.


Most people prefer more functional slot machines, but Fruits' N Royals is an ideal slot machine for every new online player. Even veterans flock because of the nostalgic element of the layout in droves to this slot. Of course, there is also the chance to win 500,000 coins that awakens the interest of most gambling. Try the slot machines from Fruits' n Royals today and decide for yourself.


  • 🎰 What is max and minimum bet?
    Players can set to 1 to 5 lines, with the inserts between 1 and 100 coins per line. The coins you use for your use can be up to 0.01 value so that you have a minimum use of 0.05 coins for activating each pay line.
  • 🎰 What is the RTP factor of Fruits' n Royals?
    Just remember that the RTP is 94.30%, which gives the casino a home advantage of 5.7%, which is quite large compared to other online slots.
  • 🎰 Where can I play Fruits' N Royals?
    So you can take a look at the Fruits'n Royals slot by visiting our website and find it among the other online casino slots from Novomatic.
  • 🎰 is Fruits' n Royals to find on the phone?
    The game is available on the phone.