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Online slot machine Ultra Hot Deluxe

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The world of modern gambling is very rich in novelties, which often lead to everyone who likes the classics everyone loves undeserved. Slot machines that have been popular since the days of true gambling facilities have many advantages. These include practical controls, a simple game algorithm, trusted and familiar symbols, excellent payout rates and a pleasant percentage of return.
The developers of the well-known manufacturer of game content on the market - the company NOVOMATIC - turned again to the idea of creating another virtual one-armed bandit. Everything new is well forgotten old! The Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot, which is still entered, can attract the attention of a demanding user with its colorful design that is masterfully in a fiery style. The name of the slot contains the word "deluxe", which guarantees even more thrill and high payouts. Get ready - it gets really hot. You can get the slot machine Ultra Hot Deluxe in the best Play online campasino and crack a jackpot.

Slot machine Ultra Hot Deluxe at a glance

The slot contains only 3 rolls, and the number of paylines is unchanged and is 5. It is not worth mentioning that the user receives the result of a hot video slot for entertainment and leisure as a result of a successful game, if not the largest but stable income. Before you start turning the rollers, you should assign a bet for each active line for which the BET function key is located. Then with the "spin!" The roles are set in motion and wonderful signs begin to form in combination. In order to familiarize yourself with the payout quotas for each successful symbol combination, you should view the table hidden under the button with a question mark.
The rules for creating combinations are quite simple. It is sufficient to arrange a series of identical game symbols on the active line, starting from the roll to the far left. If the user has luck and a price combination appears on the rollers, you should try their luck by activating the risk hours. An additional game screen shows the user a reverse playing card whose color must be guessed. After the player has made his choice, he must press one of the two buttons - red or black - to give an answer which color is hidden under the back of the card. The success in a risky round doubles the prize money, and a failure invalidates the results of a profit.
The gambler can collect the prize money at the end by selecting the option Payout. It should be noted immediately that the Ultra Hot Deluxe slot machine does not have any special features (such as the presence of special symbols). This does not affect the gameplay because the purpose of visiting an online casinos usually consists of achieving a profit. The exercise mode is also possible. Often offer The best Novoline online casinos The opportunity to play for free.

Bonus functions of Ultra Hot Deluxe

You should pay more attention to the game symbols that are traditionally used for video slots and created in analogy to the famous fruit machines. Of course, most of the game stones are presented in the form of luminous fruits - each symbol is a picture of a pair of this or that symbol. A combination of the most valuable symbol, the fiery seven, thus brings 750 game credit. From Golden Stars, who can give the player 200 loans, a little less money should be expected. The traditional "bar" logo gives the Gambler a payout ratio of 60th plums, oranges, lemons and cherries, if they are collected in "Drillingen", each 40 denominations. The symbol that is a black X and falls on the lines of the slot brings 5 game credit.
There is an interesting bonus, namely that "fruit" symbols can occupy the entire screen (if identical symbols are displayed for all positions). In this case, the profit amount will be doubled, but such heads can only be expected when the cherries, lemons, oranges and plums appear on the screen.
It is worth noting that the gameplay is involuntarily captivating - this is mainly due to the improved and vibrant graphics that have become more detailed. When a winning combination appears in the lines of the Ultra Hot Deluxe slot, the chips light up and promise a hot highlight of winning that looks pretty impressive.

Slot machine Ultra Hot Deluxe: Conclusion

The peculiarity of the Ultra Hot Deluxe Slots is its tradition and at the same time novelty. This slot is not entitled to uniqueness, but can not be boring, lackluster or non-dynamic. This slot is designed for the interesting games, as its main function is to enable the player the highest possible gain. Therefore, the slot machine has no scatters or bonus rounds that would distract from the traditional gameplay. Ultra Hot Deluxe is for those who value slot machines and understand their main purpose. Genuine luckwheels will definitely be satisfied with the slot and inspire those who win and want to be sure of their victory. Slot - Ultra Hot Deluxe is a fiery interactive slot on the internet for real winners! There is also a game for fun!


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP from Ultra Hot Deluxe slot machine?
    The RTP is 95.17%.
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum use of Ultra Hot Deluxe online slot machine?
    Minimal use is € 0.4 and maximum - 100 €.
  • 3️⃣ Is Ultra Hot Deluxe Online Slot Machine available on mobile devices?
    Yes, this slot machine can not only be played on desktop computers, but also on mobile devices, both in demo mode for free as well as real money.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play ultra hot deluxe online slot machine for real money?
    This information can be found in the list of casinos where you can Play slot machines online can.