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Online Slot Machine Columbus Deluxe

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With Columbus Deluxe you will certainly enjoy unforgettable trips, and what is even more exciting, you will repeat the fate of Columbus. They will be the first to open the distant eastern countries in the world rich in natural riches. All your dreams of wealth will quickly fulfill. In addition, the impression of the environment is guaranteed on a real ship.

The sounds and fresh wooden odor of your freshly polished ship will help you feel as part of Columbus' time. The Great Christoph Columbus will be there and play a very important role, more important than in the classic version, and in the deluxe Columbus game you can also enjoy a more appealing design and a more appealing graphic.

The game is based on Novomatic. If you played the classic version, you are familiar with the rules and gameplay. In the deluxe game you have scatters, wilds, also freely. It is a game with 5 rollers and 10 paylines. On each payline you can set a coin. Remember that Columbus Deluxe is a joker symbol.

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Columbus Deluxe at a glance

Columbus Deluxe is a newer version of the classic Columbus. The basic idea of the game is based on Columbus' journey to the discovery of America. Therefore, the main theme of the game is the exploration of hidden treasures. Columbus Deluxe differs from the classic Columbus only through the number of paylines. Columbus consists of 9 paylines, while Columbus Deluxe has 10 paylines. Apart from an additional payline that increases the chances of winning, nothing has changed in this game. Columbus Deluxe Online is still accompanied by good sounds and excellent graphics. There are 4 joker, scatter and free games that can secure additional profits.

In addition to the above-mentioned symbols, there are other symbols such as 10, A, J, K and Q. However, to get the highest profit, the jackpot, the player must meet five symbols of Columbus. The player can also count on that he gets some free spin games. To get them, the player must meet three symbols of columbus ships (Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta). Of course, all profits depend on the amount the player sets.

Gameplay & Features of the Slot Machine Columbus Deluxe

The Columbus Deluxe slot machine has a map of a total of 10 cards in the online version, including 5 normal cards, 3 high-win symbols, the joker and single player. If you want to check how high the individual cards are, please click on the payout table below on your screen.

  • Regular symbols - as with most games of this kind, these symbols are represented by the alphabet (K, A, Q and J) and the number 10. You need 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbol to benefit from 5 to 150 coins.
  • Symbols with high payout - they give much more than normal symbols and they only need to collect two of them to get the minimum price. They are represented by the sex tank (a navigation device; his price ranges from 5 to 250 credits), a necklace (prices from 5 to 500) and the queen that brings the highest amount to high profits. You get an amazing sum of 1000 coins if you are lucky enough to get 5 queens on the roles!
  • The Joker - is represented by the protagonist itself, columbus, and its function is to replace all other symbols except the scatter symbol. If you receive 2 to 5 cards with the main characters, you will also receive a coin price. This price ranges from 10 to 5000 credits!
  • The scatter - is represented by a ship in this game. The scatter icon can only appear on rollers 1, 3 and 5, and the ship is displayed from three different angles, depending on which roller appears. If you collect all three, you will receive 10 free turns. During the free rounds, the scatter serves as another joker.


As you can see well, it is a generally simple and easy-to-play slot machines, which at the same time offers the lucky players some pretty nice potential payouts. The soundtrack and the animations are also quite commendable. And all this you can do by going to one of our first-class online casinos and try your luck with this deluxe version! Who knows, maybe you will bring you more prices than the original.


  • 🎰 Is the slot available on the phone?
    The Columbus Deluxe slot was released many years ago when all games were operated with the Flash player. Even today, you still need to install one to run the game on your iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android. If you use a tablet, iPad or iPod, make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to disrupt your game.
  • 🎰 What is the RTP by Columbus Deluxe Slot?
    The Columbus Deluxe Slot represent the approximate probability of its profit. Due to the RTP of 97.3%, your chances are high.
  • 🎰 What is the difference between playing money and playing for fun?
    If you play for fun, you do not have to reveal your personal information and payment information. You can start your game with a push of a button without putting money.
  • 🎰 What is min- and max use in Columbus Deluxe?
    The minimum insert, which you can set per line in the pokie machine, is only 0.01, and you can also reach the top with 10 per line, the maximum.