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Online Slot Machine Quest for Gold

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Everyone loves a good thematic game with gold. After all - who does not love a shiny ingot in his pocket? Most games include the search for gold. An unavailable mission to extract as much prey as possible from the machine; A stubborn pursuit of wealth beyond the wildest dreams. Everyone who is in Online Casino. Plays, his own search for gold, but this game gives you the feeling of entering the world of gold hunting. In this article we will talk about the game Quest for Gold. You will learn more about this online slot game and definitely want to try it out.

Quest for Gold: Review & Experience

There are many video slot games for fun that invite you to take over the role of treasure searchers. Why do not you want to do this in the Quest for Gold Casino Slot? On the rollers you can see South American pyramids, men, maps, monkeys, medallions and A to 10 card symbols. In the Quest for Gold Slot of NOVOMATIC you will expect great treasures and unforgettable emotions. Choose it as soon as possible!

As you might have understood, this is a thematic HD slot game that will be particularly interesting for those who value classic game features and exciting design as well as great gameplay.

Gameplay und Features des Slots Quest for Gold

This easy to play 5-roll video slot is clearly aimed at lovers of land-based casinos. While the elementary graphic does not win innovation prices, the gameplay is mostly entertaining. And with 20 paylines, game and scatter symbols and a few bonus playing is the prospect of wrapping loot, by no means unrealistic.

In Quest for Gold, you can set at least 0.02 to up to 20 paylines. The maximum bet is now € 100 - € 5 for all 20 paylines. All this means that you are € 5,000 richer if you are lucky enough to crack the highest jackpot. Sounds good? Then set up the hat of your wide-cremed researchers and dare the jump.

Lots Novomatic slot machines Offer only 9 paylines, so the fact that Quest for Gold 20 offers to praise. As is to be expected, the general letters are the least valuable symbols in the game. However, if you meet five times in succession, you can earn up to 300 coins.

The monkey and medallion symbols are the next big prices on the rollers. The monkey is worth 300 coins when they land four, and 500 coins for five. The medallion is slightly less valuable with 150 coins for four in a row. However, if you are lucky enough to get five of them, the winnings are massively rise up - to 500 coins.

The two large earners on the rollers are the pyramid and explorers, of which the latter has more than just a temporary similarity with Indiana Jones. The pyramid can bring you 160 coins when you get four, but the gain jumps massively to 800 coins if you are able to land five. This is of course a breeze compared to what you win with the Explorer symbol. Only three of them pay 300 coins, four numbers 1,000. Five in a row are now massive 2,000 coins. Of course, it is quite difficult to get five in a row, but as you say in the trade: you have to be there to win.

While you are looking for you, you will probably encounter some hidden prizes. All Zockers love free games and quest for gold disappoints. To unlock free spins, you only need to land three scatter symbols simultaneously on the rolls. The scatter icon is a treasure map role. When you land it, the rollers light up and offer a lot of free games.

Of course, the number of free games assigned depends on the number of scattering. Three scatter symbols give you 10 free spins. Four results in 12, five yields 15. Not bad, considering that there is an incremental slots multiplier in freechows. Each time the free spins are triggered again, the multiplier increases and reaches a maximum of x10.

You can call the payout table in the game by clicking the "Payout Table" button at the bottom left of the field.

Quest for Gold: Summary

In summary, we can definitely recommend this game to try either demo mode or with real money. Both the exercise mode as well as the real money mode will make the players a lot of fun who have previously played HD online slots and love the great casino games.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP of the Slot Machine Quest for Gold?
    The RTP by Quest for Gold is 95%
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum use in Quest for Gold?
    Quest for gold has the minimum use of € 0.10 and the maximum use of € 100.
  • 3️⃣ is Quest for Gold available for mobile phones?
    Yes the Mobile phone slot machine Quest for Gold is available for each mobile device by signing up via the Internet Browser.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play Quest for Gold for real money?
    Choose an online casino on our website and play for real money at the slot machines Quest for Gold. We have many offers for Australian players.