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Online slot machine Orca

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The Orca Slot Machine is considered one of the best online slot machines with the topic underwater world. It has a nice design and high quality graphics. On five rolls of a licensed game from the GreenTube line from Novomatic, an incredibly playful gameplay awaits you.
We have only prepared important information about the functions of the slot so that in the future you can get the maximum number of gifts. In addition, there is the possibility in this online slot without restrictions in one Online GamesCasino to play for free in the list.

Online slot machine Orca at a glance

There are no separate plot positions, multipliers and a cumulative jackpot in the Orca slot.
By starting the Orca video slot, the player is transported to the soothing underwater depths. Fans of gambling will get to know one of the most intelligent mammals of the sea world - the majestic killer whales. The developer guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience: Every interaction with the device opens up new and new facets of an amazing underwater universe full of exotic residents and of course countless treasures.
The gameplay takes place against the background of a deep landscape. The accent of the composition is in blue, gray and sapphire colors. The endless water layers are highlighted by remote sunshine from which the illusion of volume is created. For the full experience of diving to the seabed, only air bubbles are missing from the eyes and the pressure of the water on the eardrum.
The rolls themselves give the slot even more color: the active elements are made of transparent panels surrounded by moss-covered shells and stones. The game symbolics literally freezes in the air and throws shy shadows on the bottom of the ocean. The combination of soft blue tones and a glass effect creates the illusion to observe the amazing original life of a huge aquarium.
The logo of the casino game on the internet perfectly complements the main action - the name seems to be made of hundreds of shells and seabeds, and next to it flashes against the setting sun the tail of a floating killer whale.
Special attention is paid to the sound selection: a pleasant, inconspicuous melody is combined bizarre with the sound of the sea waves and the enchanting song of the residents of the underwater world.
There is also a demo version and entering the casino you have to select between real and free exercise mode.

Bonus feature des online slots orca

The Novomatic Slots are popular from many players from Australia. The Orca of Greentube has a standard set of elements with special functions:

  • Wild (golden idol). The picture is not paid, but helps the formation of price combinations. The main option is to replace missing symbols in the highest paid chains.
  • Scattering (the slot logo is the tail of a diving killer whale). For three or more pictures, the gambler receives a reward of 200 coins, and the picture triggers a series of additional rotations. Despite the more than solid rewards in the main service, the developer offered a number of ways to increase the number of rewards. Everyone can use the following options and bonuses:
  • Extra Back A round of ten consecutive games is activated when a combination with three stray symbols is created. During the session, all rolls except the first additional Joker symbols are displayed, which increases the chance of winning. When the icons are displayed again with the slot logo, five additional free spins will be activated.
    It is worth noting that you can only repeat the round from the main location.
  • Double round. The mode starts automatically after every money turnover. Instead of rollers, a window with a hidden card appears on the field. The goal of the session is to guess the color of hidden denomination. You can often double your profit unlimited (until the amount of reward exceeds the brand of 25,000 coins), but the very first mistake leads to burning the entire reward.

There are no separate plot positions, multipliers and a cumulative jackpot in the Orca slot.
The game surface is designed in the traditional style of most GreenTube products. The control panel is located at the bottom of the screen and does not distract the attention from the main action. Each of the buttons is literally under the arm and makes it easier to control both from a stationary device and a touchscreen.

Slot machine Orca: Summary

The Orca Casino Game by GreenTube has become one of the colorful and fascinating incarnations of stories about the endless depths of the sea. The slot surprises with his atmosphere and his realism - the color-ease and the effect of glass on the roles allow you to experience the magic of diving on the ground of the ocean. And the reward for the brave conquerors of the underwater world will be more than solid financial rewards.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP from Orca slot machine?
    The percentage of gains (RTP) is 95.06%
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum use of Orca slot machine?
    Minimal use is € 0.5 and maximum 100 €. This means that you can win a large amount with a minimum.
  • 3️⃣ Is Orca slot machine available on mobile devices?
    Yes, this slot machine is available on mobile devices.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play Orca slot machine for real money?
    Do you want to get real money Play online machinesWe offer you a list of casinos available for this slot. It is after checking on the slot machine.