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Online Space Milasse Ramses II Deluxe

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The world of online casinos develops rapidly and many new games appear every day. But there is a game that is definitely worth the attention of all players who have previously played classic thematic slots and enjoy the original gameplay with wild bonuses and great features. This article focuses on the game Ramses II Deluxe. You will learn more about the peculiarities, the gameplay and the bonuses of the game and at the end of this article you will definitely be in one GameCasino Online want to try.

Online Slot Ramses II Deluxe at a glance

Become a true treasure hunter of ancient Egypt and get the immense wealth of pharaohs. The slot is a successful continuation of the Ramses II slots of the market leader of the online casino gaming platforms NOVOMATIC. The slot machine consists of structurally a standard set: five rolls arranged in three rows, twenty adjustable lines for bets 5 - 10 - 20.

The ancient Egypt attracts many people with his secrets. With this video slot you have the opportunity to travel to the past to meet one of the famous pharaohs. See the miracles and treasures of the pyramid country, which are pictured on the symbols of the game. They are perfectly drawn and animated well. During the bonus games you will hear beautiful music.

Gameplay and features of Ramses II Deluxe

As expected, the pictures remain in the game near the theme of Old Egypt. Consequently, we see the enjoyed of the same name Pharaoh, a brilliant Sphinx, a muscle bound figure with Egyptian hood and the pyramids of Giza at burglary of darkness. Various images include a camel, a Skarab, a brilliant hawk and a card game from 9 to ACE.

The activity is strong, albeit unspectacular. The pictures are on the rolls apart, magnificent and influenced as they are, and the setting should look like a stone panel, which is provided with numerous hieroglyphs. The audio effects have nothing to do with the ancient Egypt; Rather, they do not differ from the usual machine sound of natural products.

The rewards are disbursed for mixtures based on dynamic compensation lines. The gamblers are ready to win by coordinating with only two pictures. Standard openings are with this point toll and nothing, which could be spilled alone. All in all, a word on the lucrative pictures is crucial. The pyramid and sphinx images are in the compensation table and give 250 coins for a mixture of five. The camel picture is in addition to a certain extent of meaning and value 400 coins for five sequentially.

The muscle-bound Egyptian and brilliant cloud pictures are in the meantime 125 coins for four and 750 coins for five value. The perhaps the biggest champion on the board is simply the picture of Ramses, which also turns out to be wild. Four of them bring you 1,000 coins, while five 2,000 coins are worth.

As already mentioned, this has Novomatic Slot is the Ramses image that serves as a wild symbol. In this function, all remaining images - apart from the resolution of the SKARABUS - can be filled in to provide profit-bearing mixtures. If you look at it as the most of the most lucrative picture, you will envy that it floods the rollers during your game. In addition, it should be avoided that the X2 multiplier is mentioned for each success in which a game is used.

All successes in the Ramses II compensation from left to right, with the exception of the Skarab, disappear; The scatter icon wins anywhere where you arrive on the screen. If you land two, three or four, you get 40, 100 and 500. Five dissipations in a line give huge 3,000.

At least three dissipates dissolve 15 free rotations in the deal. While spending your gifts, you will receive the special reward of a 3-fold multiplier, which increases the likelihood that you strengthen your money. It should be noted that it is not the standard to get multipliers during free rotations, so this reality is absolutely a spring in the cap of the Ramses II game.

Slot Machine Ramses II Deluxe: Conclusion

In summary, we can say that this game is one of the best tips for those who like internet casinos. You can try this game in demo mode or play real money. The most important thing is that you can play this game for fun without having to take it off to try it before you actually start playing real money.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP of the Slots Ramses II Deluxe?
    The RTP of Ramses II Deluxe is 96%.
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum use in Ramses II Deluxe?
    Ramses II Deluxe has the minimum use of € 0.10 and the maximum use of € 100.
  • 3️⃣ Is Ramses II Deluxe available for phones?
    Yes, you can play Ramses II Deluxe from any mobile device by signing up via the Internet Browser. On slot machine casinos you will find a wide range Slot machines for mobile devices.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play Ramses II Deluxe for real money?
    In our casino list you will find many good providers.