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Online Slot Machine Gopher Gold

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Why add to silver, if you can grab gold? The friendly resonant emerges from his underground hiding place to help them with the golden promotion! But how can you tempt him to lead them to all his hidden underground treasures?

Given the wilderness, the jackpot gains and countless payouts that are on the game, they have to dig deep and see what the hard earth holds for them. Read this Gopher Gold Slot Review, and maybe you'll even find some tips and tricks as you can bring the earth nips to give you more than you expected! Would you like to know more about the Gopher Gold Slot Sites 2022?

Gopher Gold: Overview & Experience

The design of the slot Gopher Gold is far from impressive and offers you a collection of symbols that are in cartoon style, but of the elderly. Among the highly paid symbols you will find pictures of logos, the earth nickel, dynamite, miner cars, lamps and a pickaxe. The low-paid poker cards are made of gold.

The game tries to keep things easier than you may be used to it from a modern title, and so you only have wild symbols that are available as features. The gopher symbol showing the animal gold digger and grins through the gold nuggets found is used only as a replacement. You can use the earth nicks as a replacement for other symbols, so you can make more combinations.

The RTP This game gives players a payout percentage of 96.3%, which means that for every use of 100 € in the game 93.60 € will eventually be paid out as a reward to happy players. This is even a good and fair RTP evaluation, so the players can expect to win some fair amounts during the game.

Slot type of Gopher Gold

The type of betting system used herein is similar to what it could obtain from a classic slot machine that can offer a similar number of payments. You have 5 coins that you can use for the inserts for 5 lines and you can use nominal values that range from € 0.25 to € 5. The maximum use in Gopher Gold is set to € 25.

If a combination of five Gopher gold logos appear on one of the paylines of this slot machine, you will receive a reward of 12,000 coins, which may mean up to € 3,000 or up to € 60,000 depending on the nominal value you have chosen. The reward is very good at 12,000x, many other slot machines go with 10,000x or less.

Developer of Gopher Gold

The Gopher-Gold theme is certainly not lost in the design because Microgaming has made the bling background very clearly, but it looks a little old-fashioned. Microgaming is a highly successful software company that develops a wide range of online slot machines with different themes and play styles. This gaming provider is known for the development of the world's first online casino software as well as the first mobile casino in 2004. Since then you are responsible for a variety of exciting games and bring a new game to the market monthly.

Functions of Gopher Gold at a glance

Profits are paid for both combinations that go from left to right as well as those going from right to left. This is not a usual option on slot machines, but it is always a welcome supplement to any list of features.

The most common role symbols are the values of the playing cards like 10, Bube, Lady, King and Ass; Five of each numbers a line betting multiplier worth 100x, 150x, 200x, 400x, or 500x, respectively.
If you increase the value, you will find that the lamp light symbol is a 600-fold multiplier icon for 5 in a row, while the miner car pays 1,000 times.
The pickaxe is 2,000x value and the exploding dynamite pays 5,000x.

Bonus functions of Gopher Gold

While there is no bonus functions, this is one of the rare places where you can make pay lines both from right to left and from left to right. Although there are only five paylines, this means that they can land many small profits. Players who love the Goldrausch can play the online gopher slot in demo mode - it's definitely worth it!


Gopher Gold is a slot machine on Goldbergbau, one of the many such titles that exist on the market. Although the topic is not particularly rare, you will find that the slot machine offers something of value, and that would be your top jackpot of $ 60,000. You will get a slightly outdated appearance of this slot machine, but a well designed, which should not be a problem to play it. The layout is unfortunately quite old and offers you only 5 lines arranged on the 5 rolls. You have joker as characteristics, and that's it.


  • 🎰 What is the Gopher Gold Slot RTP?
    The Return to Player (RTP) rating of the Gopher Gold Slots is 96.3%.
  • 🎰 What is a minimum and max use at Gopher Gold Slot?
    The area of application extends from € 0.25 - € 25.00
  • 🎰 Is Gopher Gold Slot available on the mobile phone?
    Yes, this game is now available on mobile and desktop platforms.
  • 🎰 Where can I play Gopher Gold Slot for real money?
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