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Online Spielautomat Crazy Chameleons

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The Crazy Chameleons Slot Machine is a bizarre and crazy game developed by Microgaming. However, do not be afraid if they are not the biggest fan of these reptiles, because they are cartoon and funny, rather than scaly. The Crazy Chameleons slot machine game plays on a sunny beach where the fun never stops and the roles should never stop turning. This game is built like a classic microgaming slot machine game, with five rolls and the absence of a thematic background. The game but does not need a background, as the topic is still very obvious. The slot machine includes 5 paylines, but do not be quenched because there are still some greasy hot wins to win. So wear the sunscreen and turn the roles while trying to find the bumper jackpot gains in this game.

Crazy Chameleons at a glance

This game has a bright and colorful topic that plays on the beach. The Chameleon is the main character and you can see it surfing over the rollers. The beach theme lets you dream of a fun summer day, while the changing nature of Chameleon keeps you on trot during the game.

This is a game in the elderly style where the rolls take almost the entire screen and just leave room for a blue background that reminds you of the sea. The symbols include the Chameleon, a smiling sun with sunglasses, a seagull, colorful brettshorts, beach sand standing surfboards and colorful high playing card values.
The playing cards are located on a transparent background, making a large part of the rolls of light blue. The game has 5 rollers and 5 paylines, and the Chameleon is the Jackpot symbol, with five of them paying out the maximum fixed jackpot of 5,000 coins on an active payline.

All profits in the game will be paid both from right to left and from left to right, which effectively doubles the number of pay lines available in the game.

It is worth noting that there is a joker symbol that helps you to achieve profit combinations, but no bonus functions or mini-games are available.

The wave of the wild surfer is the joker symbol and replaces all other symbols to complete winning combinations. There are no other bonus symbols and no bonus functions in the game.

This game offers a simple gaming experience for uncomplicated slot machine games, where the way the symbols land on the rollers is determined.

Gameplay & Features des Spielautomaten Crazy Chameleons

After a turn of the rollers, a bonus combination from identical symbols on the field can appear. Since this slot machine has a low volatility, the user receives his profits after almost every turn. But often the height of a bonus is small and does not exceed an insert.

Only those sequences that appear on a line from left to right and consist of 3, 4, 5 symbols are successful. A disbursement is directly related to the fixed rate, the length of a combination and the type of images contained therein:

  • For a sequence of playing cards, the user receives 2 to 5 credits;
  • For a combination of surfboards, the player receives 3,600 credits up to his credit;
  • Beach Shorts bring 7, 70, 700 points;
  • Seagull gives from 20 to 2000 for a certain number of symbols in a price combination;
  • For a combination of sunglasses, the user receives 30, 300, 3,000 credits;
  • The Chameleon - the most profitable symbol of online slot machines. If the player can collect a sequence of 3, 4 and 5 chameleons, he receives 50, 500, 5000 profits.

A big wave with the inscription Wild is the bonus symbol of the thematic online slot machine. This symbol helps to supplement winning combinations.


Crazy Chameleons is a slot that will appeal to a number of people who do not strive for bonus functions all too much to turn the roles. Most people prefer bonus functions so that it is a lucky case that a joker symbol is offered on Crazy Chameleons. Despite the absence of bonus functions, a fair RTP value of 96.07% is offered, and there is also a fixed jackpot worth 5000x player use.


  • 🎰 What is the min- and max deployment in the Crazy Chameleon's slot machine?
    The players have the opportunity to choose a number of coin levels from 0.25 to 5.0 to place real money inserts on the slot machine.
  • 🎰 What is the RTP value for Crazy Chameleons Slots?
    The entire RTP is 96.07%. This RTP is as good as it can only be.
  • 🎰 Is the slot available on the phone?
    If you are not at home or you want to enjoy this great game from a mobile device, you only need to connect to the Internet with any mobile device and visit the site or application of the casino. As simple as that!
  • 🎰 Where can I find the slot?
    You can play this slot in every microgaming casino.