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Online slot machine Carnaval

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Microgaming offers a wealth of video game machines that almost all boot from color. Well, Microgaming has now added another slot to your collection, which will certainly brighten your day with Carnaval. We all have heard of the popular carnival events and know how exciting and colorful the carnival goes out into the world. The Microgaming carnival game machine brings the same attributes with them and offers a great topic. However, they are likely to be wondering which bonus features of the Carnival has to offer, and to find out to find out further below.

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Carnaval at a glance

Despite the spelling, you can expect all the carnival fun on the Mega-Fun Carnaval Slot.

Graphics are among the best in the industry. And that also applies to the sounds. Hopefully luck with Carnaval Slot. Carnaval Slot offers a great gameplay and many different winning opportunities - including some great prices. That's why more and more people enjoy the Carnaval Slot. It offers a great selection of features as well as various profit opportunities. Let's take a look at why Carnaval Slot could be for you!

The Carnaval Slot Machine is a video slot machine with 9 paylines. He was developed by industry giant microgaming. These guys have been active in the casino play development business for a long time, and they are one of the biggest names ever. You have a lot of experience in the development of all types of casino games that are not just fun, but also fair. So that's a good start. It also means that you work with many different websites, so you can enjoy many great bonuses when you deposit.

You need to select the coin value before you start playing Carnaval Slot. Choose between the minimum of 25 cents and the maximum of € 5. This is a large selection of coin values, which makes the Carnaval Slot Slot ideal for all types of machine players, high scooters and players with low inserts. The Jackpot at Carnaval Slot is 5,000 coins, which can be up to € 25,000 if you play the maximum coin value!

Gameplay & features of the slot machine Carnaval

One of the first things that players are likely to be recognized by the Carnaval Online Slots game is the fact that the game does not have many of the traditional bonus rounds, which are often seen in other slots games of this sliding. However, the game still offers wilderness and scattering. It also has such a lively appearance that the players can continue to be able to offer them a spectacular online slot gaming experience.

The colorful wild symbol will come on the rolls to help players to make more winning combinations. The Jokers do this by replacing all other symbols in the game except the scatter symbols.

The bright scatter symbols offer the players the opportunity to multiply the amount of their profits when they appear on the rollers. If you receive three of the scatter symbols, you will receive multipliers with a factor of 2 when you receive four of the scatter symbols, players get multipliers with a factor of 10 and when you receive five of the scatter symbols, the players get multipliers with the Factor 50.


Microgaming software drives the Carnaval Online Slots game. Microgaming offers online casino players since 1994 fantastic, high-quality games. This makes this software vendor one of the longest existing existing in the industry. They have brought some of the most popular and profitable games to market. The fact that this is the provider responsible for the publication of Carnaval will help the players look forward to try this game.

Carnaval is a game with an impressive design. It has a simple layout, but a breathtaking appearance. It may only offer wilderness and scattering, but the good thing about these characteristics is that they happen to appear very often in the game and bring many gains to players. It also has a large betting range, so the players can fit it into their game budget, no matter how high this budget is.


  • 🎰 What is the RTP factor of the Carnaval?
    The RTP factor of Carnaval was determined at 96.64%.
  • 🎰 Is the Carnaval Slot available on smartphones?
    Carnaval Slot is available on both a desktop and on any mobile device. This means that you can easily log in with your normal username and password in the selected online casino, find the Carnaval Slot in the list of titles and play from on the way. In addition, the mobile version is not different from a traditional version, so it does not matter if you play it or play on your laptop.
  • 🎰 What is a min and max bet in Carnaval?
    The denominations range from 0.25 to 5, and this makes Carnaval a game that is suitable for both players with small budgets as well as for those with large budgets.
  • 🎰 Where can I find Carnaval Slot from Microgaming?
    As the industry giant Microgaming produces the Carnaval Slot, you should not have any problems finding a big casino to play it. This means that you could be able to get one of many great welcome deposit bonuses before starting playing, making them more money with which you can try to win.