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Online slot machine CashSplash

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Cash Splash is a machine game with 5 rollers and 15 paylines offered by Microgaming. There is also a 3-roll version of the game, which is the predecessor of the 5-roll game. Cash Splash is a standard slot machine game - the winning combinations are achieved by turning the five rolls, but it has a progressive jackpot that guarantees huge prices.

The game was developed by one of the largest suppliers of online casino and game software in the world - Microgaming - is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. It offers great graphics and exclusive profits for all players who feel attracted from the prospect to win huge amounts of money.

CashSplash at a glance

Cash Splash is a straight shoe slot that modernizes the nostalgic obstayomato with its bright and yet clear design. In addition to a treasure trove of top prices, you will also find a progressive jackpot that is close to gripping. The software provider Microgaming has optimized the game strategically into a refined, uninterrupted gambling experience, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the turn of the rolls. In addition, the online slot machine Cash Splash offers a live casino soundtrack with a soft plaid and classic gaming sound effects in the background. Even more insistent, and they would be in a real casino. Cash Splash also has a RTP rate (return to player) of 91.62%, and it is not difficult to see why. In combination with the progressive jackpot, the slot machine promises large rewards for those who decide to jump into cold water.

Gameplay & features of the slot machine CashSPlash

The symbols from which Cash Splash is composed are the classic symbols in the Obstayomaten style. You will find lucky number 7s, juicy cherries and twice and triple bar symbols. Each of these symbols is provided with unique prices. The value of each price is 1. You can set at least 1 coin up to a maximum of 3 coins per payline.

You will also see that the game of the game is displayed as a joker with 8-fold multiplier.

When this joker appears three times or more often on adjacent roles, it not only replaces all other symbols on the game board to fill in the gaps of a winning combination, but also multiplies their reward.

For further explanation: If a single cash splash icon appears in a winning combination, the price will be paid as usual. When two symbols appear, the price is quadrupled. With all three cash splash symbols on the payline you win the amount of progressive jackpot.

To qualify for the progressive jackpot, you have to set 15 coins. The current value of the progressive jackpot is displayed on the screen.

Then we have the scatter symbol, which is represented only by the word scatter in a characteristic dark blue color. This can also be exploited if three or more of them pay out a price.

Three Scatter symbols pay 4x, four numbers 50x off and five numbers whopping 250x.

The Scatter icon does not have to be on a payline, as it can easily appear on the rolls anywhere.


Cash Splash Slot is a congenital charm for those looking for a simple slot machine. It is the epitome of a slot machine that has the appearance and ambience of the old monasteries. In this world of topics and features, Cash Splash Slot is a refreshing journey in the past. Microgaming has done a praising work and develops a game that contains only the basics. The result is a smooth game that runs like a charm and is constantly paying off. The Jackpot page is a great motivator and one of the most active in the industry.

However, Cash Splash Slot has some limitations. First of all, the game has only a limited selection when it comes to choosing your usage. Since it is an automatic machine with fixed use, the players can not choose their usage. Players can only change their paylines to increase their winning opportunities. Second, the game is not available on mobile devices and can only be played on the desktop. Third, the games are monotonous, especially after betting to strongly contested slot machines.


  • 🎰 Is the game available on the phone?
    Play Cash Splash 5 Reel from your preferred tablet or smartphone mobile device. The comfortable mobile design of Microgaming makes the game much more enjoyable from any place! Microgaming software is compatible with platforms such as Mac, Android, Windows, and IOS.
  • 🎰 What is the RTP value for Cash Splash Slots?
    The RTP value for Cash Splash Slots is 91.62%.
  • 🎰 What is a min and max bet in Cash Splash?
    The coin size is set to 1. The maximum mission value is 3 and can be regulated.
  • 🎰 How do you play Cash Splash?
    Cash splash to play is not exactly simple, but it is not difficult either. At first glance, it may look confusing, but as soon as you know all symbols and functions, everything will make sense.