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American roulette online

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American Roulette is an online roulette table designed by the global award-winning software provider Netent. This is a table with RNG drive, which means that there is no real wheel or a real dealer. All results are calculated with a computer and displayed to the player. This does not prevent this publication to look great. It is one of the best online roulette tables we have ever seen! Read our article about American Roulette from Netent and discover ours Online Casino Testin which you find the best providers for players from Australia.

Play and rules of American Roulette

Before every round can begin, you have to place your bets. You do this by selecting one of the coins located under the motherboard. Then put these coins on the board wherever you want. The coin value varies between 0.10 and 1000 euros.

After selecting your coin, you must decide which bet you want to complete. If you move the mouse over a bet, it is highlighted on which numbers are set, so you can plan your bet easier. Each platelet on the main unit has a different maximum. For example, you can not put more than 100 euros on a number. However, if you set ODD / EVEN, you can use 2000 euros without problems per wheel turnover.

If you then sorted all your bets, press the pushbutton. As a result, the wheel plays an animation while the computer randomly selects a winning number. If the bet of the Zocker contains this number, you will win a cash prize as a reward. The height of this reward depends on how risky was the bet.

You can click on the New button to repeat the same spin you have just played. However, if you always play the same bet, autoplay works better. You can set up everything and then select the number of automatic rotations to be played. Then you can easily sit back and let the game all work for you for free!

If you are based on your choice on hot and cold numbers, you will be glad to hear that Netent American Roulette has a statistical page. It contains a lot of useful information that perfectly match roulette players for the trend hunting.

Play American Roulette for free

Netent has created an amazing iteration of the American roulette. The only problem is the fact that European roulette is just better! If you have the choice between both, we will definitely recommend you to visit the European roulette table of Netent for fun. You can try the demo mode or the so-called exercise mode at any time to test all game functions and determine if the game is worth playing.


  • 🧐 What is the RTP of the game American Roulette?
    The RTP of American Roulette is 94.74%.
  • 🧐 What is the minimum and maximum use in American Roulette?
    American Roulette has the minimal use of € 1 and the maximum use of € 500.
  • 🧐 Is American roulette available for mobile phones?
    Yes, you can play American roulette from any mobile device.
  • 🧐 Where can I play American Roulette to play real money?
    You can get American Roulette for real money in our Best Netent Casinos play.