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Double Joke Power Poker online

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Another great online version of poker you can play. The classic rules are available with the already known combinations as well as the standard play conditions on the Internet. You can use your skills and gain real money based on your knowledge. If you are interested, then this article is for you. Choose our Best online casino in Australia On the list you find on this page and play.

Double Joke Power Poker: gameplay and rules

Double Joker Power Poker is a fantastic and playful video poker game developed by Microgaming. It has added a clear, user-friendly design, two wilds and players can put on 4 hands at the same time. Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker is a great multi-hand game that can be played in many online casinos with microgaming software. It is part of the so-called game collection of the Developer Power Poker, ie it is not played with one hand as the normal video copy, but with several hands at the same time. Another highlight of the play is also proposed in the title - it has 2 Joker, which can replace other maps in combinations. This creates new hands, other payouts and a slight deviation from the standard rules. Layers who want to try this addictive video poker game must first customize their use. You can place bets from 1 to 5 coins per hand and select the denomination of 0.25 to 5.00 credits. Since the gamblers set to 4 hands at the same time, the set coins are multiplied by 4 and the minimum insert is 1.00 credits. Who sets 5 coins with the maximum value, pays 100.00 credits per round. While Microgaming versions of Power Poker appear excessively complicated at first glance, they are actually quite easy to understand, including Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker. In most casinos, it is under the name Double Joker Power to find. It is played with 54 cards - a standard card game 2 jokers. However, since it is a multi-hand game, 4 card games are used separately for 4 hands.
Combinations and their profits:

  • Two pairs 5
  • Three same 10
  • Straight 15
  • Rinse 20
  • Full House 25
  • Vierling 40
  • Straight Flush 125
  • Five of a kind of 250
  • Joker Royal Flush 500
  • Natural Royal Flush 4000.

The two jokers added to this free game increase the opportunities to meet winning combinations as they behave like wildcards or wildcards. For example, a hand with 2 aces and a joker pays for a hand with 3 aceses, but there is a possibility that 2 jokers fall. Then the players can form a four and receive 40 coins. However, there are exceptions, and Wild Joker can not complete the Natural Royal Flush. This is the highest paid combination that provides 500 coins in the use of 1 coin and a jackpot of 4,000 coins in the use of 5 coins. If a Royal flush is formed with one or two jokers, a 5-coin insert is 500 coins pays What is much less than a natural royal flush. Another interesting combination in this type of video copy is a five-chamber combination of 4 cards of the same rank and 1 joker. The payout is 50 coins per coin for Knintuzzel, which makes it the third best combination. You can also test demo and practice mode.


Therefore, I presented them in this article another great version of Microgaming Online Double Joker Power Poker. You can now study the rules in detail and start playing real money for fun and winning. So, let's go.


  • 🧐 What is the RTP of Double Joker Power Poker?
    The RTP is 98.10%
  • 🧐 What is the minimum and maximum use in Double Joker Power Poker?
    They are 0.5 euros and 5 euros for a round.
  • 🧐 Double Joker Power Poker is available for mobile phones?
    Yes, there is such option.
  • 🧐 Where can I play Double Joker Power Poker for real money?
    Visit our website and discover the best video poker online casinos And many cheap bonusangons.