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Online Slot Machine Mythic Maiden

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This slot machine is only for players with strong nerves. The very first sounds that are heard after the start of the game Mythic Maiden, our blood can be cold. Squeaking doors or the dull noise of the wind are immediately connected with horror, but so the atmosphere of this one-armed bandit is and nothing can be done. Those who want to make money with this game will be accompanied by emotions from the beginning to the end of emotions, not only due to the good opportunity to become a winner, but also because the atmosphere of the game Mythic Maiden was literally taken from a horror movie.
A slot machine called Mythic Maiden dedicated to the mythical direction was developed by the famous provider Net Entertainment. The action in this slot takes place against the background of an abandoned room, in which a large number of age and God is forgotten objects.
Once upon a time there was a strange traveler who has brought these things here, but the main character in this game is the mythical virgin. The online slot Mythic Maiden allows the players to enjoy the horror genre, and the atmosphere created here makes the heart beat faster.
We have prepared a detailed review of the Mythic Maiden Slot to cover the most important aspects for the Gambler: game functions, missions and percentage of refunds, special functions. We hope that this information helps you decide between thousands of online slots and make the right choice. On our website you will find all the information the player of one Casino in Australia, Slot machines or payment methods should know.

Online slot machine Mythic Maiden at a glance

Users see five rollers with 30 paylines. The size of the inserts can be adjusted at its own discretion and changed according to the selected level of the game. This model of the Mythic Maiden emulator has additional features and features, thanks to which the gameplay is as dynamic and profitable as possible.
Payments in the slot machines are made on the condition that the same symbols must be collected, which must be in one of the active lines. In this case, the chain is collected in the direction from left to right from the outer drum.
On the screen, players can see unusual things, z. B. pictures like the skull of a monkey, a spider, an old chest, a mask, a magic book and wax candles, of which the designations of the playing cards are made, are chosen as symbols.

The Bonus Function des Slots Mythic Maiden

The game has a so-called "wild" symbol that can turn into one of the symbols that are currently not enough to win:

  • Wild symbol. It replaces any basic image and looks like a broken window from which the players can see the full moon. This picture does not form a combination, but at the same time contributes to the preservation of earnings. If you replace simple symbols by wild, the rate increases around threefold.
  • Streusymbol. This image is the only one that the Joker icon can not replace. The scatter shows a mysterious lighting. No disbursements are provided, but provided that at least three such symbols appear on the rollers, the bonus game begins.

Those who already have enough to make money on the PLAY button will appreciate the auto-play option to know, with which you can start the game once and can only wait for the profit. In addition, the game has multipliers with which you can double your profits, tripled or further increase. It is also interesting that you can get several free spins in the game, which significantly increases your winning opportunities, including the gain of real money.
In the bonus round, players can use a certain number of spins that are produced at the cost of the casino. Their number depends on how many stray symbols have fallen to the players. At that moment, the mythical virgin opposes the right of the rollers.
During all free spells, a multiplier can appear against the background of the Virgin, which is additionally. Here you can also view the number of free spins. As a result, such a bonus game can be extended several times.
The peculiarity of the slot is that you can only play real money. There is no free exercise mode. To win the jackpot amount, you must always play the real money version and not the demo slot. The minimum number of coins for use on each line is 1 and the maximum number 10. The size of the mythic Maiden slot coins varies between 0.01 and 0.2 cm. The RTP or the percentage of returns for players is 96.6. There is also the possibility to crack a jackpot of 2000 coins. Read our article about Slot games with real moneywhere you find more details about the features of the slot machines.


The mythic Maiden slot machine is the most incredible and really most magical, so player owners can become pretty large sums of money. And considering that even the special symbol increases the profit assignments, you can be sure that the game is completed with the maximum success for the player! This is a very popular machine in Australian online casinos impressed by excellent variance and high profitability. The mystical concept will make your gambling adventure only varied. Start the emulator and feel the taste of the victory.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP from Mythic Maiden?
    The percentage of payments to the player, which was determined by the developers of this slot, is 96.58%. The RTP shows a clear proportion indicating the percentage between the gain of a player and the revenue of the casino.
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum use of Mythic Maiden?
    Minimal use is 0.01 € and maximum 60 €. This means that it is possible to gain a large amount by putting only 1 €.
  • 3️⃣ Is Mythic Maiden slot machine available on mobile devices?
    Yes, there is a mobile version.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play mythic Maiden slot machine for real money?
    This information can be found in our list of NetEnt Casinos Among the slot reviews. The peculiarity of the slot is that you can only play real money on the internet. There are also slot machines for fun.