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Online Slot Machine Mega Joker

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One of the most popular slots of the provider Netent is the online slot game Mega Joker. Incidentally, almost every player is known to the company Netent. If you have not played the Mega Joker Slot yet or just heard of it, then you should read this article to find out if this online game is suitable for you. In this article, you will learn a detailed description and features of the Mega Joker online slots, as well as the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also use a good on our website Casino 2022 Choose and win real money.
If you become an experienced slot player and may want to crack a solid jackpot, then this slot game is definitely right for you. Therefore, we advise you to read the following information carefully and have a good game.

Slot machine Mega Joker at a glance

The online slot Mega Joker of the software provider Netent is currently at the height of its popularity. Many people without modesty call this slot game a real treasure. At first glance is not clear why, because the Mega Joker Slot is a real classic. Thematic slot is very banal - Las Vegas and the whole atmosphere of casino in this slot machine. So what is so great about this slot?

Gameplay & Bonus Features vom Mega Joker Slot

If we talk about the characteristics of the game, it is worth noting that the Mega Joker Slot has 3 rollers and 5 paylines. The game is played on two rollers.
The main game is played on the lower rollers. In this mode, you can set from 1 to 10 coins to one of the five paylines and also adjust the coin size itself: from 0.10 to 1.00.
And on the second roll you can only play on the first roll around the profits. The insert on the upper roller increases from 2 to 10.
If you want to change the betting parameters, you can customize it at the bottom of the screen. And if you want to try your luck, we recommend you to click "Maximum Insert".
If we talk about the percentage payment when playing on 1 coin (RTP) of the online slots Mega Joker, it is 76.9%. If you play with 10 coins, the percentage of the inserts is between 89.1% and 99%. It is worth noting that this depends on your playing capabilities in the above-mentioned supermeter mode. As for the chance of winning in the current turn, it is 16.5%.
The volatility of Mega Joker, as with many NetEnt Slots, is pretty high. The application range ranges from 0.1 to 200 coins.
Advanced players are already familiar with similar symbols: fruits, bells, the Lucky Seven and the Gaukler.
Before you familiarize yourself with the winning combinations, it is worth noting that the payment for each of these combinations depends on how much you put. In addition, the payment depends on the amount you set. It is not unimportant, where exactly when playing in supermeter mode grinning fools land on the rollers.
Basic mode and profit combinations are the following:

  • Three cherries: 10 - 20 coins
  • Three lemons: 10 - 20 coins
  • Three watermelons: 40 - 80 coins
  • Three bells: 100 - 200 coins
  • Three treasure chests: 200 - 2,000 coins.
  • Three Gaukler: 10 - 400 coins

Supermeter mode and winning combinations are the following:

  • Three cherries: 100 - 200 coins
  • Three oranges: 100 - 200 coins
  • Three lemons: 200 - 400 coins
  • Three grapes: 200 - 500 coins
  • Three watermelons: 500 - 1000 coins
  • Three bells: 600 - 1200 coins
  • Three 7s: 800 - 2000 coins
  • Three or more jugglers: 100 - 2000 coins


In any case, you will have fun because the Mega Joker Slot offers its players huge potential chances of winning.
The most important thing I want to warn you is that Mega Joker offers no free spells or bonus games. However, there are 2 game modes: the main mode and the super meter. The latter is similar to the bonus game itself. The super-meter mode is very easy to activate and operate. So you get the opportunity to get more and bet more often.
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  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP of the Mega Joker Slots?
    The disbursement percentage (RTP) of the slot while playing with a coin is 76.9%. When playing with 10 coins - from 89.1% to 99%. Depends on your ability to play in the supermeter mode.
  • 2️⃣ What are the minimum and maximum missions for the Mega Joker Online Slot?
    The field of inserts online slot mega joker from 0.1 to 200 coins. The maximum profit is 2000 coins (seven, joker) or the amount of the current progressive jackpot.
  • 3️⃣ Is the Game Mega Joker available on your mobile phone?
    The MEGA Joker slot is available on mobile phones, laptops and tablets, which is a big . Finally, you can play when and where you want to have access to the internet.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I play the slot machine Mega Joker for real money?
    On our website there are many Australian online casinos where you can play Mega Joker for real money.