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Online slot machine Flowers

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Flowers Online Slot is one of the simpler titles of Netent, and he wears a straightforward topic-based topic. The game has existed since 2013 and has a simpler appearance compared to the latest publications of the software developer.

The slot machine guides the players on a meadow with a high green grass and a clear blue sky about it. The grid of five rollers and three rows occupies most of the screen. The columns have a similar blue-white mixture like the sky in the background, while a wooden frame fits the sides. The thirty spot lines used in Flowers Online Slot are marked with small multicolored buckets on each side of the screen while the slot title decorates the upper part of the screen.

Flowers: Overview & Experience

This is an online video with 5 rolls and 30 paying lines containing crisp and clear graphics as well as a number of innovative double symbols. At the moment you turn it yourself, you will certainly recognize what "Flowers" makes such a success under the online slots.

Apart from a sweet and colorful (not to say funny!) Theme, we must not forget to mention the sheer lucrativity of this game through his "stacked wilds". Then there are still the freels they can look forward to, because they can play up to 30 free rounds with a 3-fold multiplier! All this will improve the line gains of the player!

Apart from that, most online gamers are not too impressed by their classic symbols for high playing cards: BUE, Lady, King and Ass. But these are far from the only ones, and they can instead the thematic symbols with an original and amusing design admire!

We refer to the floral species, which in this case more than compensate: the sunflower, the rose, the lilies, the rabbit loots and the butter herb, all can occur both as single and double flower!

Then there is still the special symbols that consider it to be considered: the sunwild symbol and the scattering of free spins. Another mentioning thing is that all double icons are actually counting as 2 single symbols.

Gameplay & Features von Flowers

You should know that you can activate up to 30 payout lines on the Lines tab, and you can customize your operating height as a player by using between 1 - 5 coins per round. In addition, you can choose coin levels between $ 0.01 - $ 0.50 and start your game by pressing the 'spin', 'Max Bet' or 'AutoSpin' buttons.

Take a moment to throw another look at the sun symbol that takes over the role of the Joker and can replace both the single and double symbol. But that's not all: It also has the honor to wear the maximum jackpot of this slot machine - 5000 coins for 5 of its kind on an active pay line! 5 The double rose icons pay the second best price, namely 2000 coins.

Again, the free-playing symbols are the scattering, and 4 or more of these symbols release the free-play round. In addition, these scatter symbols, regardless of where they appear, will pay out an amount that corresponds to the duplicate amount of their total assignment.

4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 These free spill scatter symbols reward them with 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30, with all prices tripling! You will also receive an amount ranging from 2x - 10x of your overall insert when 3 or more free rounds appear somewhere on your game screen! There is also the possibility to play this slot on each of your favorite mobile devices!


There is nothing unusual or controversial about how they actually play Flowers. As with most video slot machines, you must select your betting insert and press the knob. If you want to automate your game, there is a standard autoplay feature that you can set up. As with many online slot machines, when you press the rotary knob while the roles turn, the "skill stop" activates and everything brings to immediate stop. Finally, there is a practical "peak set" button for those who are on the biggest payouts.

At the bottom of the game there are some setting icons that allow you to make settings such as game ranging, ambient noise on or off, graphic quality, etc. If you play for real money, you can also check the gameplay here. All in all, this is a simple game that thanks to these multipliers in the bonus round has the potential for some quite high payments.


  • 🎰 Can you play Flowers on the phone?
    The online slot machine game Flowers is part of the collection of Netent optimized for mobile phones as a touch. It is compatible with any modern mobile device, be it an iPhone, an Android device or a Windows smartphone.
  • 🎰 What is the RTP from Flowers?
    The long-term awaited average payout for this slot is 96.3%.
  • 🎰 What is min- and max application?
    The minimum amount you bet is $ 0.30, and the maximum amount you bet is $ 75, which is not the highest betting, but it can still be extremely funny for players who both high as well Enjoy low bets.
  • 🎰 What characteristics can you expect?
    Collect 4 standard or double symbols with the words "Free Spins" to be rewarded with 10 bonus rounds and a multiplier of 2x. Tips: You can additionally expand this feature with 5, 6, 7 or 8 of those symbols that are rewarded with 15, 20, 25 or 35 extra spins and improve your bankroll with the multiplier of 2x to 10x. During the free play round, the stacked wilds can appear on the payout table, making them more opportunities for a great profit.