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Online Slot Machine Fisticuffs

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Fisticuffs is one of Netent's impressive online slot machine games. Only one of the many wonderful things to Fisticuffs is his design. It was compiled so that it has a fundamental, player-friendly look, but it also has many exciting and unique elements. The theme is about the boxing, but the look of the game presents the topic more on weird than a sporty way. Fisticuffs also offers the players the opportunity to enjoy an automatic machine game with amusing characters and creative special features.

In this article, the Fisticuffs slot machine game will be treated in a way that all interested in all who are interested in explaining all important characteristics. The design, coin levels, payouts, bonus rounds and other special functions are presented and described in detail.

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Fisticuffs: Overview & Experience

Fisticuffs is an online slot game that has a great shift theme that the players are backed back in time. You can enjoy a design that is full of adventure and special features. The game has 5 rollers and 10 paylines; The paylines are all numbered on the sides of the rolls. Each one of the symbols is designed so that it has an entertaining look and the roles are not overloaded. There is an autoplay feature that allows you to set the players so that they can go from 10 to 1000 turns. The total sums and buttons of the game are offered at the bottom of the game screen, with the button to rotate exactly in the middle.

The 10 paylines offer players many opportunities to complete winning combinations. The game also has 10 betting levels and the coin levels include 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 and 1.00.

In this game there are no high-ranking card symbols, and that means that all symbols of history give their own touch. The pot from which the towel is hanging is 50 for 5, the box boot 50, the wooden stool 60, the bell 60, the boxing gloves 150, the trophy 250 and the Gold Belt 500.

Gameplay & Features von Fisticuffs

Fisticuffs is somewhat unusual than that it does not include, but two wild symbols. These are the boxers - the heavyweight or easier fighters. When these appear on their roles, they behave in the usual way and replace symbols that otherwise lack their paylines. But the two symbols have their own characteristics. The heavier boxer is the straight game that works on straight combinations - i. Horizontal combinations of profit symbols - works. The slimmer boxer, however, applies diagonally to all qualifying paylines.

The just Joker appears only on the third roller, while the diagonal joker appears only on the fields two and four. When the Joker appears next to each other, there is another cool feature that benefits your game. The heavy joker beats the diagonal joker either on roller 1 or 5, creating an effective combination of three jokers for the present spin - practically guaranteed that they achieve a profit. It is even better that these symbols for the following spin, which will be in the form of a free spin bonus remain in place.

The situation is similar if the diagonal joker diagonally appears next to the straight joker, the symbol above or below the diagonal joker becomes another joker, and in a similar manner, you will receive another free play with these jokers in place. All this has the effect that the game board is charged with Joker, which always brings you a higher winning probability than your average spin.

There is also the possibility to stack wild on the rollers 1 and 5 when they play new, which also increases their chances for a successful spin. Instead of external mini-games or advanced bonus functions, this abundance of wildernesses can make it easier to achieve a decent profit from their spins.


Fisticuffs is an online slot machine game that offers players something different when it comes to the way its special features are offered. Instead of seeing the regular free rounds and bonus rounds on the second screen that have so many of the other online slots, this game makes use of unique Joker symbols. The way these symbols come into play, adds a very creative element to the game, which helps him to pick up from the others.
This online slot game has a very amusing design that makes a lot of fun.

The characters are also very amusing, and the other symbols came to the roles to add more to the game.


  • 🎰 What is min- and max deployment in fisticuffs?
    Fisticuffs are within the price range of most players, as they can change the coin size of the games ($ 0.01 to $ 1) and the number of coins you want to place them on each line (1 to 10). This means that you can spend between $ 0.20 and $ 200 per round.
  • 🎰 Is the slot available on the phone?
    Netent never disappoints when it comes to compatibility of your games with different devices. Thanks to the excellent Netent Touch platform, you can play Fisticuffs on the phone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • 🎰 What characteristics can you expect?
    Fisticuffs Bonus offers 2 different types of Wilds - horizontal and diagonal. If these two symbols are hinged together, turn off a bonus feature that turns the symbol in between into another game symbol and remains there for further rotation.
  • 🎰 What is the RTP factor of Fisticuffs?
    As the Netent Info team specifies, the RTP factor is 96.70%. In the free play mode of Fisticuffs you can learn how to win and try to beat the chances of winning when you start investing your real money.