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Betsoft slot machines always have high-quality HD graphics, a topic that puts you in another time. They are easy to use, have lucrative bonuses and vary from others through their realistic gameplay and the high gains in online casinos. And the slot 2 million bc is no exception of this list.
Selent you the subject of Stone Age and would you like to dive this atmosphere?
With this high-quality slot machines you have to avoid falling in the impenetrable desert, fight against a saber toothed teeth and looking for appreciation.
The atmosphere, as people lived before our time, helps to dive into a completely different world and another watch room. You have such an opportunity with this video slot.
A demo can be useful for a slot like this.
That's an adventure! Continue reading and learn more Deatils about Features of Slots 2 Million B.C. In addition, ours are ours Online casino list With cheap bonus offers for Australian players.

Slot 2 Million BC at a glance

People like online slot machines really, but why? They are bright, have their own specific topics and make fun play. The action of the game 2 million B.C. Finds in the jungle where a caveman hunts for diamonds. Before you start playing, look at the introductory video and find out that 2 million B.C. Even caveman people wanted to become rich and dreamed women of diamonds. And they have to help the hero to fulfill this difficult task.
Cavemans have always been exciting and interesting. And then you have the opportunity to play with you and enjoy this atmosphere.
Because it is even difficult to imagine how mammoths lived on this planet and finged people animals for which they ran. And now, since the developer has created this slot, you can check it yourself.
Does it sound exciting?

Gameplay and bonus functions of 2 million bc

The manufacturer is Betsoft known for its unusual topics and graphics of high quality. On slot machineCasinos you can use a licensed Betsoft Casino Choose and enjoy more games of this provider. At the slot 2 Million B.C. There are free spins in the game, but there is no multiplier. The slot machine has 5 rollers, 3 rows and 30 paylines. Profits are paid from left to right.
A big are the bonus games that are very exciting. The demo version is also very important.
Before you start the game, you must select some settings - coin size (0.01-1.00), number of coins in each line (up to 5 coins per line), number of paylines (up to 30). It is possible to make the maximum use with Bet Max Spin.
If you receive a winning combination, the caveman begins to dance.
People always like bonus games!
The biggest payments are made by a beautiful caveman - 500 coins.
If 3 or more symbols "Campfire" appear on the rollers, free plays are activated.
If you collect three acorns, release the Saber Attacks function. Here you have to shoot a saber toother with acorns.
Three or more white diamonds on a line activate the bonus round. In it you have to steal a saber tooth tiger together with a caveman a diamond.


2 million B.C. Is one of the best slot machines with stone time motifs. Here you will find not only great graphics, but also free spins and exciting bonus games.
And a big is that you can try the free demo here if you are still not sure if you want to play for real money.
The internet is a very useful thing and today many people learn to make money. Who opens his own business, who sells were on and who spends this time funny, useful and profitable! You can play this video slot now and crack a jackpot.


  • 1️⃣ What is the RTP of 2 million B.C. Slot?
    This is the percentage of payments to the player, which was determined by the developer. The RTP shows a clear proportion indicating the percentage between the gain of a player and the revenue of the casino. The higher the percentage, the higher the chance of winning. And in 2 million B.C. That's 91.94%!
  • 2️⃣ What is the minimum and maximum share of 2 million B.C.?
    Minimum share is 0.02 € and maximum - 150 €. Not every slot machine can offer such an opportunity. You can already win from 0.02 €!
  • 3️⃣ is 2 million B.C. Available on mobile devices?
    Yes, the slot 2 Million B.C. is available on all mobile devices: iPhone / iPad / Mobile Phone and Android Tablet.
  • 4️⃣ Where can I 2 million B.C. To play real money?
    You can find the site in your browser and start playing.