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European Blackjack Gold Online

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If you are a fan of the 21-game and search for a challenging blackjack variant to play real money and free of charge, you should choose Microgamings European Blackjack Gold. The player tops the attention with an authentic design, interesting rules and flexible table limits. Minimum inserts start at 1.00 euros. The upper limits can be different between casinos with microgaming support because the software platform of the developer is configurable.

On our website you will find many great offers and games from the most famous providers. In addition, we observe the legal situation on the gambling market, u. A. You can learn how to understand if one Online Casino legal is. Read this article where you find information about the rules and features of European Blackjack Gold.

European Blackjack Gold: gameplay and rules

Microgaming has developed a blackjack variant of great authenticity, but unfortunately its rules for the players are anything but advantageous. This increases the house advantage easily, but the difference becomes stronger in the long term. As the name implies, the game lends its rules from the blackjack variations that are played in land-based casinos throughout the Old Content. There are two standard decks for a total of 104 cards in the game. Note that the cards are re-mixed after each hand so you can play optimally by using a basic strategy diagram that takes into account the specific game rules.

The game gives pretty much the standard payouts back, with blackjacks 3 to 2 numbers. You can assure your hand, and if the dealer actually receives a natural, you will be paid as usual at a rate of 2 to 1. Other winning hands provide uniform money payments. At European Blackjack Gold, the virtual dealer must be on all sums of 17, regardless of whether they are soft or tough.

Here, the shortcomings of this variant begin, starting with the absence of the handover option and the rule that it prohibits the dealer, to see in showing an asses after nature tones. In fact, peeking is so impossible because the dealer receives only an open card, waiting for the gamer to react to his hand, and then pulls a second card out of the shoe.

The double is permitted only for hard sums of 9, 10 and 11. This is another limitation that the players are disadvantaged. Sharing is limited only to two hands, but on the positive side you can draw several cards on split assets, which can offer only a few blackjack variants. In contrast to tickets with ten values, cards can not be shared if they are distributed in pairs.

Play European Blackjack Gold for free

If you want to switch from multiple games to double deck play, you should check the European blackjack gold from microgaming. Some reputable online casinos performed on the first-class software platform of the developer offer their players even the opportunity to choose between one-handed and two-hand variants of this legendary card game. Take a look at the demo or the exercise mode of the game to familiarize yourself with all the features for fun.


  • 🧐 What is the RTP of the game European Blackjack Gold?
    The payout ratio of European Blackjack Gold is 99.60%.
  • 🧐 What is the minimum and maximum use in European Blackjack Gold?
    European Blackjack Gold has the minimum use of € 1 and the maximum use of € 200.
  • 🧐 is European blackjack gold available for mobile phones?
    Yes, you can play European Blackjack Gold on your smartphone or tablet.
  • 🧐 Where can I play European blackjack gold for real money?
    On our list of online casinos you will find many interesting offers. Choose a casino, get the Microgaming Casino Bonus And play European blackjack gold for real money.